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Thomas Ethen

Fall is here with winter around the corner, and with the changing of the seasons comes a new featured artist. From the great northern woods of Wisconsin, Artist Display Network introduces Thomas Ethen as our featured artist! Tom is a retired high school art teacher and extremely talented artist, and we here at Artist Display Network are happy to put him under the spotlight this month!



Tom is an artist who has been creating and exploring art for as long as he can remember. Photography, metals, ceramics, and drawing are just a few genres that Tom taught his students. These days, when he's not fishing, hunting, or enjoying his autos and motorcycles, Tom still enjoys capturing a beautiful wildlife shot from his backyard. Tom is also inspired when others come up with an idea for a wood carving they want or a piece of gold jewelry they are interested in having him make.



The wildlife shots Tom captures come from being a patient, experienced photographer. All of his photographs possess great subject matter, with a focal point that lures you into each scene. Tom also demonstrates perfect use of the "Rule of Thirds" principle in all his shots. He's a true, seasoned artist with many accomplishments—the most gratifying of which has been watching his students progress over the four years he had them in his art classes.



Artist Display Network congratulates Thomas Ethen and is honored to have him in our artist community. Tom is an artist who was willing to share his talent with others, helping them to find and grow their own talent from within. It gives us pause to think that Tom might have taken his talent in a different direction 32 years ago and not chosen to be an art teacher… The outcome of many people's lives surely would have been different. Many of Tom's students went on to become commercial artists, art teachers, professional artists, designers, etc. And, one student of his in particular created this website: Artist Display Network. We want to thank Tom for choosing the teaching profession, and we thank him for everything he has done for Artist Display Network and the art industry.

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