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Lee Halweg

It should be no surprise that Lee Halweg has been chosen as Artist Display Network's featured Artist. This guy has talent! Lee has been firing raku pottery for 11 years and has a knack for working with his hands—swinging the hammer as master carpenter during the day and mastering his artistic skills at night. Molding his clay and firing up his raku kiln, Lee has found new success and popularity with local art galleries. He is currently working on a new line of raku pottery that uses natural elements for coloring rather than typical glazing methods. He has a one-of-a-kind style to go along with his unique background. Mastery of the raku art form is a great accomplishment in itself, but Lee’s ability to construct a gallery for his raku pieces is an achievement we can all appreciate.  Our hats go off to Lee here at Artist Display Network for giving us the opportunity to share his one-of-a-kind creations. Thanks Lee, and keep up the great work. You’re a true friend of ours, with true talent! 

Interested in learning more about any of Lee's pieces? Send him a message.

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