About Us

Artist Display Network is the site we created for artists to display their artworks, share techniques, and achieve greater success with their true talent. We set out to create an easy way for both starving artists and established artisans to utilize the Internet for greater exposure of their talents and works. Artists now have an Album, Portfolio, or Gallery they can use to show off their creations. They also have an opportunity to sell their art, have it critiqued, or just simply display it. This site is expanding quickly and there are great new ideas and additions in progress — all geared toward a fulfilling experience for the art lover visiting Artist Display Network, as well as the success of the artists and artisans displaying their works.

In the market for some great art? You can narrow the search for artwork that you enjoy using our Genre menu item to find an array of genres with advanced searches under each genre. You can also use the free text search box on the top of any page. Looking for something specific? Enter your idea in the search box and click on Search. Do you know the name of an artist you like? Search for that artist using the search box on the Artists page. Artist Display Network will help you find the artwork or artists that appeal to you quickly and with ease.

As a whole we differ from online galleries in many aspects. To list a few; the browser is able to communicate directly with the artist via the site's messaging capabilities. Feedback, pricing, etc. can be privately communicated via this mechanism. We take no part in the money or art exchanges between the artist and browser as we are not commissioned based.

We have three levels of membership for artists and we also offer a membership level for browsers. This is offered so that a browser who wishes to contact an artist on the site can do so privately through the site’s messaging capabilities. This protects our artist members from spam and other unwanted communications.

Artist Display Network enjoys displaying and looking at all the genres of art displayed here. How could we not, for we are artists ourselves with our own profile page!

On the right edge of your screen you will find a series of tabs that offer a preview of what we are up to on the social networks. Click on a tab to have a look. We invite you to participate!

Reach out to us anytime by using the Contact link located on the top menu of any of our pages.